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Butterfly Chrysalis Kit

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Chrysalis Kit

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Our last shipping day is Monday 19th December. If you are ordering a chrysalis kit for Christmas, please select the "with pre paid mail order code" option. Your kit will be delivered with a pre paid code, so you can order the live chrysalis just after Christmas and have it delivered after the 2nd Jan 2017. It does not cost any extra to do this. If you choose to have the chrysalis delivered with the kit, please start taking care of it straight away, as the butterfly will emerge before Christmas. 

Watching a fantastic live butterfly emerge from its chrysalis is a wonder of the natural world that few people get to experience. The Butterfly Skye’s Amazing Butterfly Chrysalis Kit gives everyone the opportunity to have a close up look at a fascinating butterfly. Your chrysalis kit comes with a unique, see through Emergence Enclosure, complete instructions and a beautiful butterfly chrysalis (or a mail order code to order your chrysalis at a later date).

This kit is available all year round, and we vary the type of butterfly to suit your area and current weather conditions. 

A $15 fee will apply at the time you order your live butterfly chrysalis whether this will be with your kit or via mail order.

Take a look at our videos below to see how to set up your kit. More videos available on our YouTube Chanel (bugshop1)

This isn’t just a gift, but a unique and memorable experience

  • The species of butterfly that you receive is subject to availability. When your chrysalis kit arrives it will have information about the species of butterfly that is inside as well as full instructions
  • After a few days, the chrysalis will start to change colour. Keep a close eye on the chrysalis because the butterfly is getting ready to come out
  • Once the chrysalis changes colour, it is normally only 1-2 days before the butterfly will emerge
  • When the butterfly comes out of its chrysalis, its wings will be crinkled and very small. Do not touch the butterfly during this time, you will damage it’s wings
  • The butterfly will hang upside down and pump fluid from its body, into its wings (just like if you were to blow up a balloon)
  • While the butterfly is inflating its wings, red fluid may come out of it. This is not blood; it is fluid that the butterfly is using to pump up its wings. This is normal
  • The wings will then harden so that it can fly. This is when you can take your butterfly outside and release it into your garden!
  • Please note- butterflies are cold blooded and so the temperature outside will need to be above 20˚C before you can release the butterfly

You can purchase replacement chrysalis for your Butterfly Chrysalis Kit, so you can have this experience over and over again.

Here’s how it works:

  • Order your Chrysalis Kit from using our shopping cart
  • You can then choose to pay an additional $15 to get your live butterfly chrysalis delivered to you at the same time as your kit OR you can choose to receive a mail order code so that you can order your live butterfly chrysalis at a later time (great for gifts) and pay the additional $15 at the time of code redemption. You can choose which option you would prefer using the drop down box
  • Once payment has been received your order will be shipped ASAP (normally within 7 days), so keep an eye on your letter box
  • You will receive an email once your order has been shipped, to let you know it is on it's way
  • You can also select a preferred delivery date when you check out (and we will contact you if the item will not reach you for this date)
Which shipping option should I select?
If you are redeeming a mail order code there is a special shipping option available when you check out, otherwise you will need to select LIVESTOCK shipping if you have ordered a live butterfly chrysalis or other insect to be delivered with your order. This ensures it is sent the fastest possible way (usually overnight delivery). If you DO NOT have live insects or chrysalis in your order, please select the NON LIVESTOCK shipping option. Tracking is still available for this option but delivery maynot be as fast.
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