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Our Christmas cut off is 17th December. All orders containing live insects will be sent no later than 20th December


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Product Description
You are chooing to redeem a mail order code for a life cycle kit that you have already have in your hot little hands! 

Your mail order code is your original order number

If your mail order code has been pre paid (this will normally be the case if you have been given the kit as a gift OR if you have purchased the kit through one of our Butterfly Skye's websites), select MY CODE IS PRE PAID from the drop down menu, then select the type of insect you would like delivered with your kit using the next menu. You can also select a delivery date that you would like, or leave this blank if you do not have a preference on the delivery date. 

If your mail order code HAS NOT been pre paid (this will be the case if you have made your purchase from a retail outlet OR a website that is not this one!), select the next option down using the drop down menu. $15 will be added to your cart and you can still select the insect that you would like delivered as well as a delivery date (if required). 

If you don't know if your code is pre paid, please call our customer service staff (who can check for you). 

If you need help choosing which insect you would like, please call our customer service number and they can go through each insect in detail for you. 



Which shipping option should I select?
If you are redeeming a mail order code there is a special shipping option available when you check out, otherwise you will need to select LIVESTOCK shipping if you have ordered a live butterfly chrysalis or other insect to be delivered with your order. This ensures it is sent the fastest possible way (usually overnight delivery). If you DO NOT have live insects or chrysalis in your order, please select the NON LIVESTOCK shipping option. Tracking is still available for this option but delivery maynot be as fast.
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