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Creature Candy

The lollipops with Real Insects Inside
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Product Description

PLEASE NOTE- This item is no longer available in our standard range and is only avaiable for bulk orders. please contact us if you would like to place a bulk order

The lollies with real Creepy Creatures inside! 

Completely safe to eat and fun to scare your friends. These bizarre lollies contain real creatures on the inside which are edible. The creatures are bred under hygienic conditions that comply with Australian Food Standards and are fed a special diet of grains and vegetables.

The lollipops are handmade by us in Australia. 


The lollipops have great flavours while the Creature inside has a nutty taste. Several varieties available including Crunchy Crickets, Meaty Mealworms and Antzy Ants. 


Colours and Flavours available now

  • Yellow- Banana Nut
  • Blue- Cookie Dough
  • Green- Chocolate Fudge Brownie
  • Pink- Creaming Soda
  • Orange- Sour Mandarin

Customised colours and flavours also available for large orders

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