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Snail Life Cycle Kit

Snails have unique life cycles, learn more about them
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Snail Upgrade

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Product Description
Snails have unique life cycles, which you can now experience in your own home, or classroom. The snails are easy to take acre of, and will eat various vegetable scraps.
Each kit contains
  • Snail starter colony (5-10 garden snails of different sizes)
  • Suitable substrate
  • Reusable plastic enclosure
  • Water spray bottle
  • Cuttle Bone
  • Complete instructions
Snails are hermaphrodites, and will lay around 80 eggs per adult snail. You will get to see your snails eating, mating, laying eggs and much more!
You can upgrade this kit to a PAIR of Australian Rainforest Snails by using the drop down menu above. These snails are long lived (3-5 years), and grow much larger than the garden snails. 

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