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A Field Guide to Insects in Australia

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Insects are everywhere. Over a million species inhabit our planet. More than 86,000 species have been identified in Australia so far, although the final number may actually be twice as high.
Insects are in our houses, gardens and cities and, of course, in the bush. They tunnel in trees, crawl into cupboards, live around our ponds and bury themselves in muddy sediments or subterranean holes. They live in leaf litter, leap through tall grasses, build turrets and towers and scramble over our food.
Whether you're an amateur insect enthusiast, a student or an entomologist, this updated and revised second edition of A Fields Guide to Insects in Australia will help you to identify insects from all the major insect groups. It will enable you to differentiate between a dragonfly and a damselfly or a cricket and a grasshopper. You'll find cockroaches, termites, praying mantids, beetles, cicadas, moths, butterflies, ants and bees. More than 250 colour photographs show the insects in their natural habitat. The line drawings clearly illustrate subtle differences where identification is tricky.
Author, Paul Aborowski is an entomologist and photographer based in the Wet Tropics World Heritage area of Queensland. 
Author, Ross Storey has spent most of the past 32 years making collections of insects for the University of Queensland and the Queensland Department of Primary Industries.
208 Printed Pages
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