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10 + 5 + 1 Blacklight & White light

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Have we got a treat for you. So often you need a white light to see what you just saw under the black light. And often it is nice to point out what you have seen with a laser spot light. This is one of those beautiful items that does everything - and does it well too. This has 5 LED black lights (395 nm) that shine with great intensity. This will show almost anything you need such as scorpions, credit cards, well, you get the idea. Once you have found something of interest under the black light, you will want to take a look at it under regular light and see what it is. This is where you have 10 regular white light LEDs. One click of the switch and you now have a regular flashlight. If by any chance you want to point out something with a laser, the last click opens a strong red beam. All of this is in one sturdy aluminum housing. The LED lights are even protected with a metal shield.
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