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Green Lacewing Eggs x 100

For biological control
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Product Description
As their common name implies, adult green lacewings are green, with four clear wings. Each egg sits on the end of a slender stalk, which elevates it from the ground and decreases the chances of predation by ants. The eggs take approximately four days to hatch.

The pack contains approximately 100 green lacewing eggs. 

This species is also available in our life cycle kits as an educational resource. 

Larvae range in size from 1 mm at first emergence up to 8 mm just before they pupate. They have small spines on their backs upon which they impale the remains of prey. This provides a form of camouflage and allows the larvae to appear inconspicuous amongst the prey. Larvae pass through three moults over a period of 12 days before pupating inside a silken cocoon. Adults emerge after nine days and start laying eggs seven days after emergence.

Target pests

Aphids (various species)
Twospotted mite Tetranychus urticae
Greenhouse whitefly Trialeurodes vaporariorum
Scales (various species)
Mealybugs (various species)
Moth eggs and small caterpillars
Larvae of the green lacewing are wide-ranging predators that will attack and eat almost any small insects or eggs. Lacewing larvae are particularly effective at controlling aphids and can consume 60 aphids in an hour. They will also attack mealybugs, greenhouse whitefly, thrips, twospotted mite, small caterpillars and moth eggs.
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