About Us

Bug Shop is part of Butterfly Skye’s- Butterfly Release and Insect Education. Our company is dedicated to educating people about insects and other invertebrates in a way that is fun and interactive. We do this by providing quality incursions, educational life cycle kits as well as live butterfly releases for weddings and special event.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that people that think insects are “yucky” or “gross” still think butterflies are a beautiful and fascinating part of nature. Founder of the company Skye Blackburn (AKA- Butterfly Skye and The Bug Girl,) has always had a passion for creepy crawlies and so started the company to share this passion with others after completing an entomology degree at university.

She started her butterfly and insect farm which is located in Sydney’s Western Suburbs to allow people to experience insects in a close up way, so that they can better understand the way that the world works, and how important invertebrates are to all of us. You can see some great articles about Skye and Butterfly Skye’s on our Awards and Articles page.