Bug Birthday Parties

Creepy Creature Parties

Our fun filled educational parties is something your children, their friends and even grown ups will enjoy. Each party is customised for your specific needs and adjusted to the age of the children in attendance. 

Choose from Butterflies and Bugs!  

There are butterfly parties, where the children get to see each stage in the lifecycle of the butterfly. You can even hire our DIY butterfly house so the chlidren can have their lunch with the butterflies. 

We also have our Creepy Creature Parties, with spiders, scorpions and other creepy crawlies. If a child is interested in a specific type of insect, then we can provide interesting activities for that species, and general insect parties are also available, where children get to learn about a wide range of insects.

Services provided but not limited to;

  • Children get to TOUCH AND HOLD a large range of facinating invertebrates
  • Hands on, science based activities
  • Games

  • Exciting presentation with educational facts
  • Insect demonstrations (viewing and collection)
  • A special gift for the birthday child (upon request)

Let the adults have a break and the children will have a great time doing something exciting and interesting

Creepy Creature Parties are available in Sydney, Blue Mountains, The Illawarra, Batemans Bay, Central Coast NSW, Mid North Coast NSW, Coffs Harbour, Armidale as well as Adelaide

Creatures that could come to your party include;

  • Goliath Stick Insects
  • Australian Tarantulas
  • Butterflies
  • Giant Burrowing Cockroaches
  • Rainforest Millipedes
  • Scorpions