Butterfly Experience

Butterfly Skye’s and Bug Shop has been providing unique, interactive experiences with live butterflies since 2007. Our large portable butterfly house is suitable for shopping centre openings, product launches, special events and fetes. The butterfly house is 3 m x 3 m and has mesh sides so that you can see the butterflies inside the butterfly house without having to go inside.

People that want the complete experience are invited to come inside the butterfly house to feed the butterflies. The lucky ones may even have a butterfly land on them!

This is a fantastic and memorable moment which will be the talking point of your function. The number and species of butterflies inside the butterfly house can be customised to suit your needs.

We have lots of interactive and display options to suit the style and themes of your event. 

For a complete quote, please call Butterfly Skye’s and Bug Shop and enter your details and a customer service representative will call you back.

Butterfly House Experience is available around Australia. 

DIY Butterfly House for Parties

Do you have kids that are fascinated by butterflies and would like to have live butterflies at your next party? Our DIY butterfly house is just what you are looking for!

We supply the portable butterfly house for you to set up and fill with amazing live butterflies that are delivered to your door. The tent is large enough for the children to sit in and have a picnic while the butterflies fly around.

Wehen the party is over, you simply release the butterflies and return the butterfly house to us.

Butterfly and bug gift packs are also available, and contain special butterfly nets and bug catchers.

Please call us for prices and availabilities. You can see videos of our DIY butterfly house on our YouTube Chanel by clicking here