Butterfly & Bug Incursions

Butterfly Skye's and the Bugshops Creepy Creature Zoo has presentations suitable for pre-schools and child care centres, primary school, secondary schools, parties and community groups. Please scroll down to find the information you need and then contact us for prices and availability
Our portable butterfly house activity with real live butterflies is also available for all school types around  Australia

We have embraced technology! And now you can Skype with us for your edible insect incursion. If you are learning about FUTURE FOOD, we will send real edible insects to you for your smartboard experience. See our website Edible Bug Shop for more detailed infomration. 

Primary SchoolsRainforest Millipede
School incursions are an excellent way for children to learn about key areas of the syllabus while having fun. All incursions are adapted to year level and cover outcomes included in school syllabus. The presentations are conducted by a qualified biologist.

Included in the package;

  • A tailored presentation to suit your needs
  • 40 minute presentation all about insects in the natural world (can include life cycles, biodiversity and ecology).
  • Hands on learning
  • The students get to view and handle a variety of Creepy Creatures (invertebrates) from our Mobile Creepy Creature Zoo
  • Teachers are supplied with handouts to photocopy with follow up activities, lesson plans and worksheets to assist in retention of information by students

Normally the presentation is suitable for a maximum of 25-30 students (in each session). This gives everyone a chance to participate and several presentations can be conducted in a day. The presenter will bring with them everything that they need and everything is completely portable so that the presenter can move between classrooms.

Invertebrate Creatures that are in the Creepy Creature Zoo include;

  • Goliath Stick InsectsStick Insect
  • Giant Burrowing Cockroaches
  • Rainforest Millipedes
  • Spiny Leaf Insects
  • Ladybugs
  • Butterflies
  • Rainforest Snails
  • Bird Eating Spiders
  • Scorpions

Information in the presentation is suitable for many topics including minibeasts, hot and cold, the need for shelter, ecosystems and life cycles. The Mobile Creepy Creature Zoo is available in Sydney, Blue Mountains, The Illawarra, Batemans Bay, Central Coast NSW, Mid North Coast NSW, Coffs Harbour, Armidale as well as Adelaide

Discounts are available if you purchase a Butterfly Skye's- Creature Kit with any presentation booked.

The cost of the presentation is calculated on a per child basis, so if more classes participate in the presentation, the price will be less per student. 

Please contact our customer service staff for more information

Pre Schools and Day Care Centres
BUTTERFLY SKYE'S MOBILE CREEPY CREATURE ZOO also has a fantastic program aimed at preschool ages children. The presentation is conducted by an experienced and qualified biologist (Bug Girl) and is customised to suit the younger children involved. Under supervision, the children will be encouraged to touch and hold some species of insects, which will be a new experience for most of the children.

Included in the price is suitable colouring and preschool activities that can be completed in the days after the presentation.

Secondary Schools

SpiderOur secondary schools programs are now available and are conducted by an experienced and qualified biologist. These exciting and informative presentations are suitable for biology, general science, animal science and ecology classes and cover a wide range of topics. Ecology studies and sampling techniques, invertebrate identification and preservation, insect anatomy and life cycles, and biological control are just some of the topics that can be included.

Each topic is conducted as a workshop and most equipment and materials are included in the price. The workshops are based around hands on learning with students encouraged to participate in various activities

       Biodiversity and Sampling

  • Learn how to make various insect traps and use the results to perform ecology calculations
  • Assess the biodiversity in an area
  • Compare biodiversity within different environments
  • Learn the roles various insects play within an ecosystem

    Invertebrate Identification and Preservation
  • Various techniques for insect collectingScorpion
  • Identification of insects and invertebrate through the use of keys
  • Correctly preserving and labelling invertebrates for use in future study
  • Examples of correctly and incorrectly preserved insects 

    Insect Anatomy and Life Cycles 
  • Detailed look at insect life cycles and differences among them (using diagrams and preserved samples)
  • Detailed anatomy of different insect species
  • Function of insect adaptations 

    Biological Control 
  • Different species on insects used in biological control
  • Reasons for using biological control
  • Species that can be controlled using biological control agents
Students involved will gain valuable knowledge on key area of the syllabus and learn how to apply skills learned in various science subjects in a practical way.