Christmas Orders

Live Insect & Chrysalis Delivery for Christmas has now Closed
Gift Certificates and some other items still available. Please email us before ordering to make sure it will arrive to your location in time. 


If you would like your order delivered before Christmas please make sure you place it before the 11th December. Any orders placed after this date will be delivered after the 7th January. 

If you would like your order delivered as close as possible to Christmas, please enter a note when you check out advising this. 

All orders containing live insects will be shipped week starting 17th December. When your order arrives, please open it and start looking after your live insects. 

If you have ordered a chrysalis kit this means that your butterfly may emerge before Christmas day. 

You also have the option of choosing to receive a gift certificate for your order. You will receive a physical gift certificate in the mail to give as the gift, and you go online to redeem your kit. You can select the delivery date (anytime after the 7th January), when you redeem your certificate. It does not cost any extra to redeem your certificate. Please make sure you select the "Livestock shipping option" when you check out, this covers the shipping of your kit when you are ready. 

If you have any questions please email us first!